Updated October 2, 2018
2017-18 CRRC Legislative Positions

Bill # Author Description Position Status
AB 1036 McCarty
re: Organic waste: composting.
Requires Cal EPA and CDFA, with CalRecycle, SWRCB and CARB, to assess the state's progress toward developing the organic waste processing and recycling infrastructure necessary to meet state goals.
SUPPORT Has until July 21, 2018 to pass out of the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality
AB 1250 Jones-Sawyer
re: Counties and cities: contracts for personal services.
Establishes specific standards for the use of personal services contracts by counties and cities.
OPPOSITION WITHDRAWN Senate Committee on Rules
AB 1933 Maienschein
re: Greenhouse gas reduction fund: Appropriations: recycling infrastructure projects. Would appropriate $200,000,000 from the fund to the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery for organic waste recycling infrastructure projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste recycling infrastructure projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
SUPPORT Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 808, Statutes of 2018
AB 1970 E. Garcia
re: Low-carbon fuels. Would require the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to develop a pilot program for 3 pilot renewable fuel projects for the development of innovative low-carbon fuel.
SUPPORT Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications
AB 1975 Chu
re: Nuisance: odors. Would require CalRecycle, no later than July 1, 2019, to establish the South Bay Interagency Odor Taskforce, with a specified membership, to identify sources of odor emissions and nuisance complaints based on odor emissions received by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the City of Milpitas, the City of Fremont, the City of Santa Clara, and the City of San Jose.
AB 2061 Fraser
re: Near-zero emission and zero-emission vehicles. Would authorize a near-zero-emission vehicle or a zero-emission vehicle, as defined, to exceed axle, tandem, gross, or bridge formula weight limits, up to a 2,000 pound maximum, by an amount equal to the difference between the weight of the vehicle attributable to the fueling system carried by that vehicle and the weight of a comparable diesel tank and fueling system. 
SUPPORT Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 580, Statutes of 2018
AB 2115 Santiago
re: Vehicles: passing and overtaking: waste service vehicles. Would require the driver of a vehicle overtaking a stopped waste service vehicle, as defined, to pass at a safe distance without interfering with the safe operation of the waste service vehicle, and at a speed not exceeding 15 miles per hour. Because a violation of these provisions would be a crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
SUPPORT Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 710, Statutes of 2018
AB 2208 Aguiar-Curry re: California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: local publicly owned electric utilities: electrical corporations: geothermal, biogas, and biomass energy resources.  SUPPORT Re-referred to Assembly Committee on Appropriations
AB 2447 Reyes re: CA Environmental Quality Act: land use: environmental justice. Would require the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, by 6/30/19, to publish a list of subject land uses and a map that identifies disadvantaged communities and areas within a 1/2 mile radius of the disadvantaged communities, and require a lead agency to provide certain notices required by CEQA to owners and occupants of property located within 1/2 mile of any parcel or parcels, and to any schools located within one mile of any parcel or parcels, on which is located a project involving a subject land use. OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED Vetoed by the Governor
AB 3036 Cooley
re: Solid waste: definition.
OPPOSITION WITHDRAWN Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 832, Statutes of 2018
AB 3178 Rubio
re: Integrated waste management plans: source reduction and recycling element: diversion requirements. Makes changes to the law to account for the critical relationship between waste diversion and markets. This bill provides waste collection and recycling firms, with operating recycling programs and facilities, with effective tools to manage waste during the absence of available diversion markets
SPONSOR Vetoed by the Governor
ACR 209 Eggman
re: Compost Awareness Week
SUPPORT Chaptered by Secretary of State - Res. Chapter 83, Statutes of 2018
SB 71 Weiner re: Solid waste: disposal (illegal scavenging). This bill, where a city, county or other local government agency has authorized a solid waste enterprise to handle solid waste, would subject an unauthorized person to these same damages for collecting, removing, or transporting solid waste generated by another person on residential, commercial, or industrial premises, except in compliance with applicable law. The bill would expand civil enforcement to knowing participation in violations of these laws, and would require a court  to award the plaintiff reasonable attorney's fees. SPONSOR Dead
SB 102 Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review
re: California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act: state property.
SUPPORT Assembly Committee on Budget
SB 168 Wieckowski
re: Recycling: Beverage Containers.
SUPPORT Failed passage on the Assembly floor
SB 452 Glazer The California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act. SUPPORT Vetoed by the Governor
SB 1440 Hueso
re: Energy: biomethane: biogas and biomethane procurement program.
SUPPORT Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter 739, Statutes of 2018
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