Updated May 25, 2016

2015-16 CRRC Legislative Positions

Bill # Author Description Position Status
AB 45 Mullin re: Household hazardous waste.  OPPOSE Referred to Committee on Environmental Quality.
AB 577 Bonilla re: Public utilities: biogas.  SUPPORT Held in Senate Appropriations Suspense file; 2-year bill.
AB 1103 Dodd re: Food Waste Recycling Act of 2015. Would create a definition of "food waste" which does not presently exist in state law.  SPONSOR Senate Committee on Environmental Quality.
AB 1669 Hernandez re: Displaced employees: solid waste collection and transportation services contracts.  Under Discussion Referred to Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relatons.
AB 1683 Eggman re: Alternative energy financing SUPPORT Re-referred to Assembly Committee on Appropriations.
AB 2038 Gaines re: California Environmental Quality Act: environmental impact report: substantial evidence SUPPORT May be heard in committee March 18.
AB 2039 Ting re: Solid waste: home-generated sharps SUPPORT Re-referred to Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.
SB 1043 Allen re: Renewable gas: biogas and biomethane  SUPPORT Senate Committee on Appropriations. Hearing set for May 27.
SB 1301 Hertzberg re: Natural gas: greenhouse gas allowance: allocation SUPPORT Senate Committee on Appropriations. Hearing set for May 27.