Updated August 27, 2015
2015-16 CRRC Legislative Positions

Bill # Author Description Position Status
AB 45 Mullin re: Household hazardous waste.  OPPOSE Held under submission in Assembly Appropriations Suspense file; 2-year bill.
AB 199 Eggman re: Alternative Energy: recycled feedstock.  SUPPORT Assembly Committee on Appropriations.
AB 577 Bonilla re: Public utilities: biogas.  SUPPORT Referred to Senate Appropriations Suspense file.
AB 864 Williams Gutted and amended on June 9. Not a solid waste bill.

AB 901 Gordon re: Solid waste: reporting requirements: enforcement.  SUPPORT with amendments: remove "all" and add "protection of financial data" In committee: Referred to Committee on Appropriations suspense file.
AB 1103 Dodd re: Food Waste Recycling Act of 2015. Would create a definition of "food waste" which does not presently exist in state law.  SPONSOR Held over to next year at the request of CRRC
AB 1159 Gordon re: Product stewardship: pilot program: household batteries and home-generated sharps waste.  SUPPORT Held in Assembly Committee on Appropriations; 2-year bill.
AB 1247 Irwin re: Sales and use taxes: exemption: organic input material.  SUPPORT Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation Suspense file.
AB 1447 Alejo re: Solid waste: Beverage containers.  SUPPORT Held under submission in Assembly Committee on Appropriations; 2-year bill.
SB 331 Mendoza re: Local government transparency.  OPPOSE Assembly Appropriations.
SB 687 Allen re: Renewable gas standard.  SUPPORT Held under submission in Senate Appropriations; 2-year bill.
SB 742 Hertzberg re: Solid waste: diversion.  SUPPORT Held under submission in Senate Appropriations; 2-year bill.
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